Welcome to SGCC Youth's Website

St. George Youth's Ministry is based on the Life Teen Youth Ministry model: "Leading teens closer to Christ".

It is built upon 7 core values. These foundational components include:

Eucharistic: At the Last Supper, Jesus lifted up bread and wine, and proclaimed to his followers that He was offering His Body and Blood. Catholics have celebrated Mass and receiving Christ through the sacrament for over 2000 years. Thus Life Teen ministry relies on the source and summit for faith and livelihood.

Love: Teenagers need love to counter a culture of hate and envy.

Joy: Jesus is the reason to celebrate life and be joyful.

Affirmation: Society often tells teens that they are not... LT ministry encourages teens to support one another and journey together.

Authenticity: An authentic life is what this ministry encourages participants to live. Teens shouldn't pretend that they're perfect. We recognize that we're all sinners and we need God. This means we're able to be honest and vulnerable with one another. We want to be REAL with one another.

Evangelization: Teenagers can be effective evangelists for they have to face the world everyday at school, on the streets. Their relationship with Jesus allow them to witness their faith with those around them.

Vocation: Prioritize to not forget God's calling.
Welcome to our new website. Please have a look around, any feedback is much appreciated.